The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment


Release lxqt-themes 0.12.0

Today we’ve released version 0.12.0 of lxqt-themes. This is the third needed piece for the upcoming LXQt 0.12.0 release.

Release lxqt-build-tools 0.4.0

Today we’ve released version 0.4.0 of lxqt-build-tools. This is the second needed piece for the upcoming LXQt 0.12.0 release.

Release libqtxdg 3.0.0

Today we’ve released version 3.0.0 of libqtxdg. This is the first needed piece for the upcoming LXQt 0.12.0 release. The most visible and noteworthy changes are:

  • qiconloader: Reuse Qt implementation
  • xgiconloader: Reworks the unthemed/pixmap search
  • xdgiconloader: Puts the hicolor at the end of the theme hierarchy
  • xdgiconloader: Fix XdgIconLoaderEngine::actualSize()
  • xdgiconloader: Support symbolic SVG icons
  • xdgiconloader: Honor “FolowsColorScheme” theme hint

0.3.2 release of lxqt-build-tools and more

I would like to announce the 0.3.2 release of lxqt-build-tools. There are no changes in functionality but the package is now arch independent and meets the FHS standards. Further more 0.11.2 lxqt-common and 0.11.3 pcmanfm-qt will be released today. Both contain only small but important fixes that justify a point release.

Third batch of point releases, introducing lxqt-build-tools

We would like to announce the third batch of point releases regarding lxqt-build-tools. All components have several improvements and bug fixes beside the fact that liblxqt has now lxqt-build-tools as a the new dependency, so the packaging should not change much.

Introducing lxqt-build-tools, corresponding point releases

We would like to announce release 0.3.0, the second production release of lxqt-build-tools, as well as the first batch of point releases for those components maintained by the LXQt project which had to be adjusted to lxqt-build-tools.
These releases represent an effort to ease building and dependency management. They are not relevant for end-users.

Release LXQt 0.11

Today we’ve released version 0.11.0 of LXQt as well as new releases of all other components maintained by the LXQt project except those covered by last week’s pre-release.

LXQt 0.8.0 is out!

The LXQt 0.8.0 release is now available. It brings with it full Qt 5 compatibility, two beautiful new themes and lots of new features, performance improvements and bugfixes.