The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

  1. LXQt Ambiance

    The LXQt Ambiance theme
  2. LXQt Dark

    The LXQt Dark theme
  3. LXQt Frost

    The LXQt Frost theme
  4. KDE Plasma

    The KDE Plasma theme

Release libqtxdg 3.0.0

Today we’ve released version 3.0.0 of libqtxdg. This is the first needed piece for the upcoming LXQt 0.12.0 release. The most visible and noteworthy changes are:

  • qiconloader: Reuse Qt implementation
  • xgiconloader: Reworks the unthemed/pixmap search
  • xdgiconloader: Puts the hicolor at the end of the theme hierarchy
  • xdgiconloader: Fix XdgIconLoaderEngine::actualSize()
  • xdgiconloader: Support symbolic SVG icons
  • xdgiconloader: Honor “FolowsColorScheme” theme hint